Sunday, July 07, 2002

Episode 1 - Campus Crawl

Campus Crawl begins with the 6 cast members getting picked up on a yellow school bus somewhere in the backwoods of North Carolina. We quickly meet everyone and find out that Darrell likes to box, Rachel thinks that she’s been put in some kind of fraternity/sorority House, Eric thinks Kendal is hot, Kendal likes to wear a furry coat, Sarah doesn’t like girls and Shane 'likes the girls but really likes the guys.'

The gang’s first mission is called the Polar Plunge. They must dive into nearly freezing water to recover the keys that will open the Woodie. The guys all get down to their skivvies and Sarah and Kendal take off their shirts and the crowd around them delights in their nakedness. Shane doesn’t pay attention to their instructions and jumps in the pond early dragging just about everyone else in and they all swim frantically to get the keys.

Once they are inside the RV, they learn that they will be visiting college campuses all over the United States. They also learn that if they fail missions they will have the option to either give up their prizes or vote a teammate off. Rachel and Kendal are both uncomfortable with the rule. They didn’t come to win prizes, they came to have fun. Rachel suggests that they make a pact that they will always vote to get rid of their prizes. Shane pipes in and says, “But what if we win cars?” They decide to wait on making that kind of decision until they see what kind of prizes they are going to win.

That night, Eric and Kendal end up sleeping on the pull out bed in the main part of the woodie, while Shane is asleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. While the lights are out, Shane whispers, “What are ya’ll doing…I heard the sheets rustling, I know what was going on.” Eric offers that if Shane wants to come up and cuddle, he can. They joke about the flirting going on between Eric and Kendal and Shane offers that he will be their human chastity belt.

Their next mission is Lean On Me. It’s a kind of extreme Trust exercise. The group must go in pairs across a wire walk 108 feet above the ground. Rachel and Shane go first and successfully make it across. Sarah and Darrell are next and because Sarah isn’t ready to trust anyone on this trip yet, they fall. Eric and Kendal go next and then they fall as well. In the heat of the moment, Kendal kisses Eric as they descend to the ground. Darrell and Sarah get their second and final shot at the wire walk and fall again failing the mission.
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Episode 2 - Campus Crawl

Sarah feels like she is the weak link in the group. The rest of the team are physically active. They jog in the mornings, do exercising together and have already started to form bonds and friendships. Sarah isn’t ready yet to make that commitment. She’s not a sporting fool. Her relationship with her family has made her not trustworthy of people. When the group confronts her about not making the effort to be a part of the group, she breaks down and explains it all to them, hoping that they will understand.

Meanwhile, Eric and Kendal aren’t a couple but they sure act like it. When Kendal talks about calling her ex-boyfriend, Eric is noticeably upset. Eric continues to flirt with her but Kendal is putting up a wall even though its obvious to everyone that she is attracted to him. She claims she’s just not mentally ready for a relationship with Eric right now but when Eric flirts with other girls, Kendal is jealous.

The roadies drive to the University of South Carolina for their third mission, The Freshman 15. After they eat a huge meal, they are told that they have 4 hours to gain a cumulative 15 pounds. They all go around campus asking people for food. They devour hot pockets and beefaroni and burgers off a George Foreman grill. After four hours, they are able to gain the 15 pounds with Sarah being the teammate that puts them over the top. She proves that she can contribute to the team and the group wins scooters leaving USC on a high note as they continue on their journey.
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Episode 3 - Campus Crawl

So you know that there's something going on with Kendal and Eric. Eric 'wants Kendal's nuts,' as Sarah so delicately put it, but Kendal's not so sure about Eric. He’s growing on her, but he’s kind of a dork and she doesn’t really know how she wants to deal with it. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that there’s also something going on with Darrell and Rachel. Rachel, who has a girlfriend at home, admits that she considers herself 'a straight woman who has a girlfriend.' As time passes on this trip, she finds herself getting closer and closer to Darrell. They cuddle at night, they lay over and around each other, and they flirt. They flirt probably even more than Eric and Kendal do.

Meanwhile, the gang arrives at Clemson University and learn that their next mission is to roll a car just like stuntmen do in movies. They have to do 3 complete car rolls between the six of them. Even with Rachel and Kendal unable to flip their cars at all, the Roadies have a chance to win when Darrell, Eric and Shane all get their cars over. Shane actually does one complete roll, showing that he is the MVP of the group. When Sarah gets her turn, she tries valiantly, but can’t get the car over. The team must now decide whether to give up their prizes or vote someone off. They choose to give up the Aprilia Scooters, but Rachel says that if they lose again, 'they are going to have to make a change, because the losing is no fun.'
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Episode 4 - RR Campus Crawl

The Road Rules Team finds out that they will be reporting to the Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. Rachel and Eric are psyched about the mission. They have been dreaming of going to the Citadel, and now they have the chance to prove that they have what it takes to make it at one of the toughest military academies in the world. Being thrust into a military experience reminds Kendal of her father who was in the army. Meanwhile, Sarah is noticeably not as ecstatic as the rest of the team and Shane, who spent time in ROTC in the past thinks that no one is prepared for what’s about to happen.

On their way to the campus, Kendal explains to Eric the significance of the ring she wears. Kendal reveals that after her parents divorced, her father committed suicide and her mom gave her the ring as a memory of her father.

As the team pulls into the beautiful Citadel, everything at first seems peaceful. However, things quickly change. The team finds out that their mission will be to refrain from getting demerits and to have all six teammates complete a Bull Dog challenge. The group spend two days as ‘knobs’ and learn what its like to be a freshman at this college. During the event, the girls finally start to bond and accept Sarah into the fold, creating a little rift in the group along gender lines.

While the girls get closer, Shane continues to pile up demerits for insubordination. The stress of the mission mixed with memories of her dad serve to break Kendal down. The team also begins to worry that they will fail the mission when Sarah goes down with an injury. However, once they are told they can compete without her, they are able to grind it out doing far better than their Citadel instructors had ever expected.
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Road Rules Campus Crawl Bios

Darrell's Bio - 21 from CA

Smart, funny and sometimes temperamental, 22-year-old Darrell is a ladies' man with the gift of gab who loves to be the center of attention. Dedicated to his newfound love, boxing, Darrell trains daily and has cut back on partying, drinking and smoking. He's a very driven person, motivated in part by his fear of failure. Though his inability to keep his mouth shut sometimes gets him into fights, it also wins plenty of girls' hearts, earning him the nickname "Don Juan."

Eric's Bio - 19 from FL

All-American Eric, 19, grew up in a "traditional" family in an affluent suburban community of Florida. In high school, he was a star football player while also excelling on the school's math team, earning him the titles of both "jock" and "geek." Once he hit Cornell University, this extreme extrovert and exhibitionist quickly became the life of every party. Though he has plenty of fun with the ladies, Eric's limited sexual experience and old-fashioned romanticism makes him a bit gun-shy when it comes to relationships. But don't worry--you can still count on him to hook-up during the show...

Kendal's Bio - 21 from WA

With her golden hair and dimples, angel-faced Kendal is a total sweetheart with a penchant for trouble. When it comes to parties and boys, this 21-year-old is game for anything. She's had a steady stream of boyfriends over the years, and couldn't remain faithful to a single one. But Kendal has a heart-wrenching past: Her father committed suicide when she was 12, and her flight attendant mother was constantly away. Kendal was forced to fend for herself and is still dealing with those consequences; she wants to be strong, but can't help being vulnerable.

Rachel's Bio - 19 from FL

More than just a gorgeous "lipstick" lesbian, 19-year-old Rachel was raised by a free-spirited mother and lived part of her childhood in New York's infamous Chelsea Hotel. Fiercely competitive, Rachel became a karate black belt at age 9 and was scouted for her basketball prowess at age 11, winning a full scholarship to an elite private school. A born leader, she excels at competitive sports--and at breaking hearts. She's been bouncing back and forth between her current girlfriend and sometime-boyfriend for two years now, and still manages to keep them coming back for more.

Sarah's Bio - 18 from OK

The child of wealthy doctors, 18-year-old Sarah grew up in a small town in Oklahoma with everything money could buy--except love. Artsy and independent, Sarah was disinherited when she returned home from her first year of college and refused to play by her parents' rules by breaking curfew. Instead of falling apart, Sarah landed a job as a waitress and worked her tail off to survive on her own. But despite her ability to thrive in the face of adversity, she's extremely vulnerable. Her wide-eyed innocence and desire to be liked stem from her constant search for love and acceptance.

Shane's Bio - 20 from NC

Raised in the South with a strict military upbringing, charismatic 20-year-old Shane grew up moving from place to place. Eventually, he got used to forming two-year friendships and cutting his losses. Shane was humiliated in high school for his feminine qualities, and it wasn't until he got to the University of North Carolina that he became more outgoing and was able to gradually admit he was gay. Though he has somewhat freed himself of the secret he once guarded so well, Shane still lives with the fear that he has failed to live up to his family's aspirations. Unfortuantely, the emotional detachment and turbulent childhood has left its mark on Shane. Constantly craving affection, he is hampered by his distrust of anyone who wants to get close to him.